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Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle and Fashion Bloggers

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Blog post ideas are infinite but with only one mind, you may not know where to start. As a lifestyle or fashion blogger, you may feel like you have run out of content to share. The trick is to be creative and think outside the box. Cater to your audience and topics of prominence and you will be fine. Here are blog post ideas for lifestyle and fashion bloggers.

Blog Posts for LifestyleBlog post ideas

  • Beauty Hacks

Lifestyle blogging is a very wide niche so it is understandable if sometimes, you feel lost about where to start. Some blog post ideas for lifestyle include beauty backs. The general public believes beauty enthusiasts make up the majority of the lifestyle audience, therefore they will be interested in reading amazing beauty hacks.

  • Skincare routine

Nothing does blog post ideas better than a good skincare routine. Skincare has always been a budding topic but it seems that now, even the younger and older generations are more interested in skincare. This makes a skincare routing post every appropriate for the time as many people struggle to find a balance and the perfect routine.

  • Benefits of essential oils

Telling people the benefits of simple things around them like essential oils is great for lifestyle blog post ideas. It helps your readers stop wasting their resources and learn more about their wellness and more natural ingredients to use.

  • Quick and easy DIY crafts

As a lifestyle blogger, your job is to enlighten your readers and feed them with great content that will help their day to day activities. Quick and easy DIY craft is one of the greatest blog post ideas for lifestyle. Your audience will have a lot of tips to gain from your post and you will make lifestyle a whole lot easier for them.

  • Tips for decorating your space

Tackling a real life problem like home decor with your blog post ideas for lifestyle will help people engage with you. You will become a lifesaver with helpful tips for them to put on their checklist. Decorating your space is a milestone everyone gets to. If you have tips to help someone create the best space, share it.

  • Things to do on the weekend

Sharing things to do on the weekend is also part of the many blog post ideas for lifestyle. It allows your ready step into your lifestyle a little bit by visiting your regular spots. Your blog post can also serve as a directory for your readers on things to do, where and how.

  • Restaurants in your community.

Freshen up your blog post ideas with a ‘where to eat guide’. Highlight the hottest spots with the best services, near you and in your city. People love to eat out so be sure to include the details they want to know like affordability, service, suitable for a group or family and space.

  • A glimpse into your life

What is a lifestyle blog without giving your audience a glimpse into your life? A blog post idea like this allows your audience to relate better with you and form a personal attachment with your brand and content.

  • Film reviews

It will be a great blog post idea to share your own reviews on films of public interest. A much-anticipated film will the best choice and ensure you see it first because a lot of doubting Thomases will need an informed review to base their decisions on.

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Blog Post Ideas for Fashion BloggersBlog post ideas

  • Different ways to style a white shirt

Fashion is one niche with a wide audience when it comes to blogging. Fashion enthusiasts look to bloggers for inspiration and guidance, therefore, it will always be one of the best blog post ideas for fashion bloggers to do a ‘how to’ post. Pick a clothing item that is one of the most difficult to style in versatile ways like a white shirt.

  • Fashion trends to look out for

The fashion bloggers know the industry better than the consumers and mini enthusiasts, therefore, it is their duty to put their audience on to new trends. Believe it or not, as a fashion blogger, you are an influencer and blog post ideas must get better. Feed your audience with the latest trends and how to rock them.

  • Tips for staying true to your style

A lot of fashionistas and other fashion bloggers struggle with always breaking their own boundaries, experimenting while remaining original. As a blogger who has got it on lockdown or is in progress, share your secrets. Blog post ideas for fashion bloggers do not end at catering to your consumers, you can also share career tips to help other bloggers like you.

  • Branding yourself a fashion blogger

A fashion blogger must be recognisable anytime and anywhere as they must brand themselves. A good blog post idea for fashion bloggers is to share tips on how to brand yourself as a fashion blogger so as to be taken seriously by other stakeholders in the industry. This will not just help you improve your readership, it will also help others secure and increase their following.

  • Misconceptions of fashion blogging

Fashion bloggers can sometimes be seen as spoilt rich people who just wear nice clothes day in day out. Clearing the misconceptions of fashion blogging will help your prospective audience understand you better and possibly gain interest in your content. It could also help a nervous aspiring fashion blogger kickstart their blog.

  • How to create great fashion content

Although fashion blogging is simply seen as wearing nice clothes and taking a million and one pictures, there is more to it. You have to create sharable content with good composition. However, a lot of people do not know that. In terms of blog post ideas, as a fashion blogger, share tips and tricks on creating content that will be beneficial to your audience and show the quality of your brand.

  • A ‘get ready with me’ blog post

The audience only ever gets to see the finished product. Draw them into you with this blog post idea. Share a ‘get ready with me’ post so your audience can see how you style your looks, how you get ready and what goes into creating the fashion content.

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