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Interior Design: Amazing Home Décor Tips for You

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Everyone looks forward to decorating their own house so they constantly search interior design ideas.  Not everyone starts out big so they will need interior design ideas for small houses. Well, here are amazing home décor tips just for you.interior design

  1. Use your space

You don’t need to be an expert in interior design to know that you must use your space. It doesn’t mean you must fill every nook and carney of the room, simply make the best use of the type of space you have and its structure.  Home décor tips start and end with using your space because it can make or break your design. Put in that table, that couch, that shelf, those vines, use the space.

  1. Mix up your design

You don’t have to follow the rules when it comes to interior design. Sometimes, making your own rules makes your home décor more unique. One home décor tip you need to consider is mixing things up. Let your home reflect your personality. Mix colours, shapes and themes. If you are an old soul in a modern time, nothing works better than antique décor in a futuristic space. A piece of furniture that has been passed down generations in your family can still find its place in your home.

  1. Try Wallpaper

In Nigeria, the use of wallpapers is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to interior design. You can say it is because it is a cheaper option, you can also say it gives room for more creativity on your walls. Striped walls are everywhere; it gives a vintage look to the room. It is one everyone loves and can’t get enough of. Wallpapers are economical and come in millions of designs and colours, just for you.

  1. Wicker baskets will help

Wicker baskets are the definition of home décor meets storage. This multipurpose item is one of the greatest hacks in interior design.  Wicker baskets are versatile and add whimsy and earthy texture to your décor. They are also great for storing magazines, toys, fruits, tools and more. These baskets are elegant and can be placed In any room.Interior Design

  1. Go for functionality.

Home décor tips don’t end at being unique, these tips follow up with being functional. It is essential to not just have beautiful pieces that mesh well together, they must also be functional. For instance, a home for a physically challenged person should not have much dangerous or accident prone pieces. At the very least, parts of the space should have support panels and fewer obstructions in their space. Shared children’s rooms can have double-decker beds to create more space.

  1. Pick the right paint

Sometimes, the colour of the walls is what does the magic. One of the most important home décor tips I have for you is that you pick the right paint. If you’re an interior design guru, by all means, go above and beyond. However, for fellow interior design dummies, pick the right paint. White paint is the safest of them all and the cream shades follow. If you cannot decide on your own, seek creative or professional help.

  1. Paintings work magic

Do you have a wall that just feels naked? Hang a painting on it. Paintings come with elements o its own. This is why a single painting can tie a whole room together. Sometimes, paintings are the missing pieces or the perfect adornments your walls need.  Activate your interior design skills by hanging an electrifying painting on your wall.Interior Design

  1. Light switches are small but mighty.

This is one of the best home décor tips you can find, use beautiful light switches. Light switches are affordable, and a nice, neat night switch will make your walls look fabulous. Light switches are accent pieces that will solidify theme you are going for.

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Interior Design Ideas for Small Houses

  • Get a mirrorInterior Design

Mirrors are always welcomed when you’re thinking of interior design ideas for small homes. Mirrors do not just give a nice touch to spaces and allow you to see your own reflection; mirrors also give the illusion of a larger space. This is because mirrors add depth to spaces.

  • Glass coffee table

    Interior Design

A coffee table is a must-have home décor piece, however, a glass coffee table works best for interior design ideas for small houses. This is because they are big enough to make a statement and transparent enough to be barely there. These coffee tables come in different sizes, shapes and designs and provide a class taste to your room. If you’re getting a coffee table, be sure to place a rug underneath.

  • Foldable furniture

    Interior Design
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Foldable furniture is a space saver when it comes to small spaces. Foldable furniture allows your furniture to become multipurpose. For example, a built-in bed that can be pulled out of the wall, or a drop-down table.  A convertible sofa/bed is the most popular foldable furniture and has been around for years. You can also try foldable tables that can extend, this good for the time you host people and you need more table space. if you’re thinking about interior design ideas for small houses, think foldable furniture.

  • Brighter wall coloursInterior Design

For your small house, do not rush to dark colours. People are of the belief that darker walls make rooms appear bigger; however, we wear dark colours to appear slimmer right? For interior design ideas for small houses, brighter walls work best because they brighten up the room and open it up, making it appear larger than it is.

  • High leg furnitureInterior Design

High leg furniture should appear on home décor tips more often, especially when deciding on interior design ideas for a small house. Such furniture creates the illusion of space when you see the floor beneath it. Also, give a little space between the furniture and the wall, it helps.

  • Floating shelvesInterior Design

Floating shelves have become the new cool for home décor tips.  When thinking about interior design, consider these aesthetically pleasing shelves for small houses. The shelves are nailed directly to the wall using little suspenders, giving the illusion of floating shelves. On these shelves, more décor can be placed without taking up too much ground space.

  • Let there be lightInterior Design

Lighting is everything when it comes to interior design. Proper lighting creates a brighter and bigger room and eventually, a bigger house. No part of your home is hidden once there is light

  • Minimalist designs work bestInterior Design

For interior design ideas for small houses, it is important not to outdo or overdo yourself. Minimalist designs work best because it is grounded by the rule less is more. Such designs make you more conservative with your space, functional and still tastefully designed.

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