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Communication is a very important tool given to humans by God. its importance in human living cannot be overemphasized so also in any love life. Many individuals go into relationships and after a while, it becomes a thing of the past, reasons that (they don’t feel the relationship anymore) as they always say. Communication brings lovers together and makes it easy for them to build chemistry and love. The communication you have with your partner plays a significant role in determining how happy, fun and strong your relationship would be. No matter how difficult some topics may seem sometimes, discussing them will help ease a lot of tension and leave room for growth in your relationship, and you would get to understand your partner better.

At the beginning of every relationship there seems to be no end to the number of topics to discuss with your partner, but sooner or later the initial “getting to know you” discussions are exhausted and then what next?. Recent research has proved that the male and female brain is wired differently, that fact manifest itself in a myriad of different ways; essentially men are better for some task and women better for others.Topics that are of interest to the men are not same as for the women.This is where most lovebirds miss out and are confused on what their next move should be, and sooner than expected they begin to feel bored with their partners and next loneliness sets in, and if not handled properly there is a breakup or a divorce.




1.Plans for the weekend ( or a vacation)

Taking away the frustration of the day or stress, before the beginning of a new week and towards the end of  it , talking about your plans for the weekend or a vacation is an interesting one which leaves you motivated to get through the week with much enthusiasm, as you would have something exciting to look forward to. Planning way ahead of time for a vacation or that little getaway also gives you both things to deliberate and discuss. So plan on!

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2.How was your day dear

This simple statement ( how did your day go) and the answer to it can lead to a conversation you would love. And there is always something to talk about work. From occurrences of the journey by road to challenges to a weird colleague to the task of the day, these discussions would help in making you both understand your professional sides better.

3.The early days

Discussing the early days of your relationship will remind you of what drew and attracted you to each other, Which one of you made the first move? who said yes and why?  where it all started?.


Talking about your hobbies is another nice shot, as no matter how long you have known each other common hobbies always provide much to talk about. You could discuss hobbies as a child and as a grownup, while doing this you could possibly look for a way of doing something new with your partner. Following mutual interest helps to make you become closer to your partner while having fun.

5.The past and the future

The past may not always be fun to talk about, but there would surely be hilarious moments to mention, like the times you did silly things as a child or your childhood dreams. Discussions on the future make a very interesting conversation. However be careful of sensitive issues like kids or finances ( For couples), rather you could ask about things he/she would like to achieve before clocking 30 or 50 as the case may be.

6.Family and Friends

Knowing your partner’s friends takes you closer to learning more about them. All families are interesting and provide endless topics for discussion. But be careful to take into account what you know about your partner’s early life. For example, if you know that your partner had a rough and painful childhood experience and would rather not discuss it stay clear, you will decide that.

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Sexual intimacy is as important as romantic gestures. Talk about what turns you on, the positions you did like to try, your sexually sensitive spots, your secret fantasies and every other thing related to sex. This would both be exciting and revealing at the same time, and you would find yourself discovering new things about each other. However, this may also reveal problems in bed. Speak up about them or they will eventually turn around to be your worst nightmares. If your partner is not performing as expected or your sex drive has reduced drastically.

8.Say Compliments

Saying compliments is telling your partner the things you like about them. Making a habit of appreciating their personality or little things they have done for you, even the ones they didn’t realise they were doing. Appreciating people encourages them to do more.

9.What bothers you?

What is bothering? Is a simple question no doubt, but this is a question if you ask your partner it would make them feel loved and cared for. Also, talk about health-related issues if they are easy to mention.

10.Shows and Movies

Well, this is one action that one does and always have something to say about it. New shows and movies come out every week, watch one together and talk about it.


Talk about your favourite spots, restaurant, places you just discovered of recent, a dream location you stumbled across on the internet, places you would like to visit for a vacation, weekend or special days. It would you both explore these places together.

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12.Mistakes and Improvements

Talk about your flaws and the way you did like to improve.releasing your vulnerabilities freely will your partner relax more around you, talk about certain mistakes you don’t like, offer and receive suggestions on how to improve for the best.

13.Best and proud moments

You could also discuss with your partner about his/her proud moments, best moments, times when he/she felt happy, proud, and fulfilled.

14.Personal Interest

What do you enjoy doing? Share this thought with your partner and see which interest conflicts and which ones compliment one another. When these interest compliments each other, try doing them together.


Phrases That Shortens Love Life

The way you communicate and interact with your partner may draw you closer to your partner or kill your love totally. Due to this, you need to be conscious of what you say to those you love and make sure your words are helping you build your love connection.

Here are some phrases that can shorten ones love life:

 I can’t……

This is a defeating phrase that makes it seem like you are at a dead end and have no choice but gives up. “ I can’t take it any longer”. Words like this, when said automatically stops any further push. Instead of saying this, tell your partner how you feel, what you want, listen and see if you both can come to a compromise.

You should…..

Using this phrase implies that your partner cannot make healthy decisions on their own, and it may drive a wedge between you. “ you should have done it like this..”  because your way is not good enough for me. Instead, ask your partner to help you understand what is on his/ her mind or what is the plan. That way they will know that you are interested in their own point of view.

You always…… or You never…..

The moment anyone hears either of these phrases, they may try to get defensive, angry, and withdraw from you. “You never help out with the chores” ”You always forget to call me”. Instead, ask for help with the house chores, and find out what will work.