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How to Motivate Your Employees

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There a million and one ways to motivate employees. It is not uncommon to think that the only way to motivate employees is via finances, you’re wrong and it means you don’t know how to motivate employees without money. So much thought doesn’t have to be put into it, if you find motivation techniques stressful, you can motivate employees in fun ways too. It is simply key. Knowing how to motivate employees in the workplace is the key to sustaining and growing your business.

  1. Recognise employees and their efforts

Nothing motivates a person more than being recognised, especially by someone they are working hard to impress. On learning how to motivate your employees. Management should make it a habit of recognising employees and their efforts, this will motivate them because it will make them feel like their hard work is not going unnoticed. It starts by knowing everyone’s name. At company convenings, it would mean a lot to the staff if it becomes a ritual to recognise staff in various departments who have performed well over a certain period of time. This positive gathering motivates employees to do more.

  1. Good remuneration

Poor remuneration is one of the leading causes of employee resignation. Also, employees who are paid poorly tend to have a lackadaisical attitude towards work. In an economy where money is tight, good pay will be the biggest motivation tool you can offer. A good pay will motivate a staff to work hard and be productive so as to give back to the company and his/her career. Also, a good salary will empower every employee financially, which is one of the main goals of work. A good pay will also allow you to compete with other industry cats for the best talents.

  1. Rewards

Some people tend to think that salaries and wages are rewards, however, they are not. They are the earnings of your time and efforts. Rewards are given in recognition of service, effort or achievements. They could be monetary or material, or immaterial. Rewards range from movie tickets to the latest cinema releases, a vacation, paid leave of absence, gift cards, dinner, etc. If your employees are not motivated to work for the company, then they will be motivated to get the reward. These rewards foster healthy competition and productivity.

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how to motivate your employees
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  1. Communicate actively with them

Communication is the strongest tool when you are trying to motivate employees. Communication fosters understanding and this understanding part of the ingredients in attaining organizational goals. Ineffective communication can cause high staff attrition rates, uniformed employees, disunity, reduced customer satisfaction, and falling productivity, which are all bad for business. The mode and channels of communication in an organisation must be actively used and effective, especially the bottom-up channel. This is because the ability of employees to send messages as well as give feedback will make them feel like their inputs matter and count.

  1. Offer opportunities for advancement

Every employee wishes to grow. Stagnancy or demotion is not the desire of anybody, therefore, it is motivational if as an employer, you offer opportunities for advancement in the organisation and beyond. This singular opportunity will motivate employees to work and work hard towards those advancements. The idea that it is possible to positively grow sits well with every employee. It will not only motivate your employees but also expand their minds to what they can achieve.

  1. Provide their work needs

It is easier to work when all your work tools and needs are provided. These needs can range from insurance, feeding, machinery, devices, etc. Any tool needed in the workplace to carry out company activities should be provided. Knowing full well, that there are small, medium and big businesses, these needs vary, as a business grows, they can begin to provide other things that can increase productivity and revenue. Having all the tools an employee needs to work well, motivates them to do well because all things have been provided, what’s left of the job is their work.

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how to motivate your employees
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  1. Lead by example

Another tool for employee motivation is a good leadership. As a leader you have to lead well or else, your subordinates will revolt against you. Good leadership is key because your subordinates will follow the lead you provide. Therefore, in order to motivate your employees, you must lead by example. Serve them so they can serve you, work hard so they can see a reason to work too, spend late nights with them when its required instead of catching endless trips and vacations. Practise every good sermon you along with your management staff preach to them, because if you can do it, they can and will do it too.

  1. Bonuses

Bonuses are those incentives that come after remuneration. These bonuses can be monetary or material such as health insurance, mobility needs, housing, fees etc. These bonuses are enjoyed by staff in companies who lend a helping hand with their employees’ personal needs. Such actions make employees feel like the company really cares for them and it motivates them to work, so as to continue to reap these benefits and bonuses.

  1. Encourage creativity

Employees can only grow if they are motivated. They can only be motivated in a working environment that supports their growth. Creativity is the bedrock of an organisation and with every different employee, there are different creative mines. It is not right to stifle the minds of your employees, though an employee’s creativity may not be required at a given time, it may come in handy. Encouraging them to be creative by soliciting and entertaining their ideas as well as making visible use of those ideas, will motivate them in the workplace because they have found a safe space to be creative. This creativity is what will set your company apart from the competition.

  1. Engage in bonding exercises

Unity is a key motivational tool for employees. Oneness in an organisation will make teamwork and communication a lot easier. Employees can be engaged in bonding exercises and training which will help them better work as a team and know each other. The fact the management wishes to bond with employees will appeal to their emotions, thus motivating them to build a family in the organisation and family sticks with you and goes above and beyond for you. This feat will not just motivate employees in an organisation but also promote loyalty.

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