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Work Wardrobe: Essentials for Every Woman

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Your work wardrobe defines your work life and career. It is true what they say that you need to dress the way you wish to be addressed, therefore, if you work the part, look the part. Sometimes, what you wear to work is your mode of expression. As tiring as the job may be, you might as well look dashing while you do it. Sometimes, newbies in the workforce do not know the essentials to have. Here is a list of work wardrobe essentials for every woman.

A black blazer screams corporate woman and it is essential for your work wardrobe. There are different types of blazers, however, the simple one or two button blazer is the perfect must have because it goes with just about anything. A blazer is sleek, professional and can be worn over a dress, a blouse, with pant trousers or a skirt. Not quite the same as a suit, a blazer is made with a hint of casual in it. Therefore, with a blazer, you can still dress it down for after work fun.Work Wardrobe

  • Pencil skirt

A pencil skirt is a slim-fitting skirt, that is sewn to fit closely. Made in a narrow cut and falling just above or below the knee, a pencil skirt is that work wardrobe essential that every working woman must have. The pencil skirt is a one-way ticket to work fashion finesse. The trick with pencil skirts is to make sure it is your right size and the pattern, if any, suits your body type. Pencil skirts perfectly sculpt your body, giving it a nice curve. A pencil skirt also goes well with different blouse styles, flat shoes and heels.

  • Shift dress

Over time, shift dresses have evolved in the fashion world and the dress type has become a work wardrobe essential. Shift dresses fall straight from the shoulders, almost like an A-line dress. Shift dresses are usually above the knew and they give you a mature but fun look. A shift dress is that work wardrobe essential that is easy to just put on. It is the perfect simple but classy dress.

  • A little black dress

Every working woman needs a little black dress, not just as a work wardrobe essential, but as a woman. A little black dress is a must have because it fits any occasion and never goes wrong. A little black dress is flattering because they come in the most amazing styles and black goes well on every skin tone. The little black dress is perfect for Monday or a meeting, including those days you just don’t know what to wear. This is because the outfit styles itself. Just throw on some pearl earrings and heels.Work Wardrobe

  • White shirt

Nothing says working class like a white shirt. A white shirt is a wardrobe essential for every formal institution. From school to competitions and down to your work. A white button down shirt is a must-have for every woman’s work wardrobe. A white shirt is simple and it will always be corporate. It can also be paired with any other fashion piece and any other colour. It is a staple item that can easily be styled repeatedly.

  • Pearls

Pearls are chic and bright. They have a way of elevating any boat or high neckline outfit. A pearl necklace is that necklace that can become a signature piece. The one you wear day in, day out as part of your work wardrobe. A pearl necklace is that piece of jewellery that identifies you, seeing it without you and vice versa is an easy tip that something is not right. The elegance of pearls is its off-white colour that is not exactly cream. Available in different sizes and styles, pick the one that’s best for you.

  • Cardigan

A plain but versatile cardigan is ideal for every work wardrobe. Almost alternative to a blazer, it can instantly dress up a more casual outfit just as much as it can also dress down a fancier outfit. A cardigan always fits you right in with the business casual dress code. Asides its fashion use, a cardigan is a work wardrobe essential because it is a comforting and soothing clothing item to keep you warm in some of the coldest working environments.

  • Short sleeve dress

A short sleeve dress is an essential for your work wardrobe as it makes you look sharp and classy. Also, in a country like Nigeria where the weather is extremely hot at times, you’d want a dress that does its work covering your body but lets your arms breathe. Though the air conditioner at work can make you feel like you are in the north pole, you never know when you’ll need to be outside. Also, it is just a very versatile dress that could be worn with a blazer.Work Wardrobe

  • Loafers

Loafers are the formal flats that give the fashion touch to your outfit. They go with any pant trouser outfit and is definitely a work wardrobe essential. In a situation where ballet flats are too casual, loafers or lace-up shoes will fit the bill. For some people, loafers give their outfits, especially edgy, a sort of masculine touch. However, female loafers are just way too classy to not be in your work wardrobe. A good tip is to get a pair that comes with a fringe.

  • Pumps

Pumps give your feet the necessary lift and they give your legs the perfect tone you can’t get in any gym. There are different heights to pump heels, so for your work wardrobe, get what you are comfortable in. Everywoman needs that 4.5-inch stilettos but some people simply cannot walk in them. If you really want one but can’t wear them, go for block heels or pumps with a little bit of a platform, however, the pointed toe is paramount.

  • Silk shirt

A silk shirt is the ideal Friday wear because it is easily transformable for Friday nights out. A silk shirt is that work wardrobe essential that is sexy and chic at the same time. The bold colours od silk shirts can be easily toned down with dark pants or skirts. A button-down silk shirt is a must have as it can be styled in different ways for both work and casual looks.

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