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Work Stress Management: 9 Good tips

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Strategies for Managing Stress in the Workplace

  1. Be organized

Being more organized is one of the strategies for managing stress in the workplace. When things like your schedule, workspace, and files are disorganised, it is more difficult to work through and can increase your stress levels. The first step in work stress management is to declutter and organise your work and yourself. A good organisation involves planning and failing to plan is planning to fail. With proper planning of your time, you’ll hardly ever have to rush in the morning, worry about punctuality and working overtime because you couldn’t’ get your work done on time. Decluttering and organizing your workspace and life will allow you to work more efficiently and ensure you more resting time.

  1. Stay away from conflict

Conflict is the biggest stress giver because of the effects of conflicts. Conflicts take a toll on your physical, emotional and mental well-being. Sometimes, you find yourself replaying the events of it in your head and you just lose focus. You lose yourself too. Imagine conflicting with a co-worker, you’re going to see that person every day for the most part, a constant reminder of the tension, it can put a lot of stress on you and mar your performance, therefore, manage stress in the workplace with this strategy.

  1. Have lunch

A hungry stomach creates a stressed mind. A lot of people underestimate the power of hunger. Not eating can give you a severe headache, cloud your thinking and make you restless. Making it a habit to skip lunch will take a toll on your overall health because it would not only be visible physically, it would affect your internal processes too because you are depriving yourself of fuel to keep you going. Sometimes, it is not your co-worker out to get you, the words are not difficult to understand, and neither is your boss asking for the unthinkable, you just need to have lunch.

  1. Get yourself comfortable

The only way for you to be stressed in the first place is to be uncomfortable.  One of the strategies for managing stress in the workplace is getting comfortable. Getting comfortable means setting the atmosphere to your taste. Things may not revolve around you if you are the boss, but you can put in a little effort to make yourself feel good. You can personalise your workspace, add a few comforting colours and work stress quotes. If your work chair is a porcupine bring a lovely cushion for it. If your co-workers are the issue, filter them, you do not have to befriend everyone, get coffee, have cookies, have a working ritual, do anything. Just make yourself comfortable.

  1. Clearly outline your daily requirements

Sometimes, the stress could arise from not knowing exactly what you are to do. It clutters your mind, 2+2 becomes 2×2+1-1 = y. With a properly organised schedule and a well-planned day, it will be easier to outline your daily requirement. This way, you can efficiently execute these tasks stress-free. Not knowing what is expected of you will add to your stress and sometimes, it may not be your lack of understanding, it is constantly changing requirements on short notice, it can be a big pain in your work balance. It can be impossible to meet up, and the thought of not reaching your target can take a toll on you. So one of the strategies for managing stress in the workplace.stress

  1. Listen to music

Music is a stress reliever; a lot of people have playlists for their various moods. Music can calm you down and set the tone for the day. On your way to work or from work, allow your ears, mind and soul soak up some good vibes. At work, you can use music to help you focus better, drown out the outside chattering, and just focus on your work. A little bit of Beyoncé will help if you need an ego boost. If you wish, you can get your mood to a Kanye level, just don’t get yourself fired.

  1. Don’t take on more than you can handle

Being a triple threat is great, however, sometimes it can be a curse. Being a superhuman, you can take on a lot of work and get it done, however, you also have to know when enough is enough. Sometimes, it may not be your work, but trying to help one colleague or the other. spreading your self too thin is a great contributor to work stress, therefore, do not take on more than you can handle. It doesn’t mean you are not efficient, you are only human and even machines can be overworked too. It is effective work stress management when you only do what you can without overworking yourself.

  1. Exercise

An unfit person is easily stressed, exercise is essential to keep fit and improve our endurance levels. With exercise you can get up and down those stairs twice without breaking a sweat. You can also make your work rounds easily. Some jobs require a lot of activity and physical strength, exercising personally will contribute greatly to work stress management. Asides building strength, exercising is a good way to learn discipline and control which is essential in your daily activities and work especially where there are many other mitigating factors.

  1. Relax

All work and no play make you a very dull and stressed person. Sometimes, the problem could be not known when and how to relax. Having nothing to do sometimes, is a good thing because when you have a lot to do, having nothing to do will be the next best wish. Work stress management can be achieved when you just relax and allow your body to repair itself. Allow your mind and heart rest.stress

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Work Stress Quotes

Work stress quotes are gentle but much-needed reminders that we are okay. Sometimes, we forget to breathe, and these quotes just let us know that work stress is real and that there is a difference in it, so it is not all the same. Here are a few work stress quotes for you.

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.”

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.” -Irish Proverb

“Every day I arrive at work with good intentions and a great attitude…, then idiots happen”

“Good morning. Let the stress begin”