Fashion Trends and Wardrobe Essentials 2019

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Fashion trends come and go whereas wardrobe essentials are constant to some extent. Some wardrobe essentials change with the year; however, the change is in how you style it. Current fashion trends for 2019 seem like a blast from the past and some of them feature wardrobe must-haves for every woman. Wardrobe essentials save you from fashion mishaps as not everyone can style themselves like a pro. As important as fashion trends may be, originality in your style is more important, it never goes out of fashion.

Current fashion trends 2019

  1. Silk dresssilk

The silk dress is one fashion trend giving everyone life. Gone are those days as kids when girls regarded silk dresses as ‘shimi’ which is Yoruba for underwear. These silk dresses were simple sleeveless a line innerwear, that is worn under traditional clothing, mainly the Iro and Buba and sometimes beneath transparent clothing. Back then in Nigeria, it was an item for mothers and older women. Over time, the silk dress has become a fashion trend and in 2019, it is an ideal pick for a night out. The silk dress is mysterious, flirtatious and fun. Worn in different ways, the silk dress is not just a silk dress, it is THE silk dress. Matched with a side slit, a pair of sneakers or mules and you are good to go.

  1. Long slits

In 2019, long slits have become more common. Slits have always been a thing, however, they ae never elaborate. 2019 has seen the emergence of all types of long slits as a fashion trend making a slit skirt a wardrobe must-have for every woman. These slits upset the imagination of every mind that sees it. Somehow, slits add a beautiful accent to clothing and show the right amount of skin when you are trying to be risky but not fully risqué.

  1. Layered clothing

There something about layered clothing this season that gives you nothing but artistic vibes. Layering is a fashion trend that never goes out of fashion. It goes beyond wearing a jacket or kimono over a top, its about styling pieces you normally won’t put together to create a different concept. Layering is the easiest way to play with cuts, dimensions and textures of clothing. A little velvet t-shirt on a mesh bodysuit won’t hurt anybody. Layering cannot only be achieved through item pairing, but it can also be done going by style, drapes on pleats is an idea, go for it.

  1. Baggy jeans

Baggy jeans were a thing in Diddy’s time during the days of G-Unit and Sean Jean clothing. It is 2019 and baggy jeans are back. There’s a way baggy jeans hang on your waist like no other, however, you must style them to match your body and size. Baggy jeans can be worn with heels, sneakers, sandals anything. A baggy shirt if you like, just style it the way you would. Baggy is the new cool.

  1. Reflective fabric

Reflective fabric is another fashion trend. If you wanted to look reflective, metallic was the way to go, however, the reflective fabric has a way of playing with your eyes and adding that x-factor to your outfit. Current fashion trends of 2019 have featured a few but amazing match ups of pieces made from reflective fabric. If you wish to play with lights, you do not necessarily have to go in search of reflective fabric, you can simply layer contrasting colours. For example, royal blue mesh lace fabric over bright plain green fabric will give reflective turquoise.reflective top

  1. Monochrome

The monochrome fashion trend is not leaving anytime soon, it is still trending. Wearing monochrome means you are wearing the same colour all through. The thing people need to understand is a colour has many different shades, royal blue, sky blue, powder blue, it is all blue. It takes confidence and creativity to pull off a monochrome look and the safest colour is black or white.

  1. Wraps

Wrap styles was a big 2019 summer fashion trend. Wrap outfits were everywhere. From wrap tops to wrap skirts, dresses and even trousers, a warp is easy to wear, easy to control easy to hit and easier to miss. When wearing wrap outfits, ensure you get your size, or else it the outfit would wear you. It is essential to ensure the wrap is firm but comfortably tied, you don’t want a wardrobe malfunction. Wraps look really nice in velvet and silk fabric and on a cool day, match made in heaven.

  1. Boot cut

The boot cut was left in 2005 but 13 years later they are back, and every woman remembers why they wore them, to begin with. boot cut jeans or trousers is a wardrobe essential, it is a wardrobe must-have for every woman too. The boot cut trousers are different from the wide leg pants, the bootcut is like a mermaid dress but, trousers. They have a way of sculpting your hips and thighs and give your legs the perfect flow.

  1. Biker shorts

Biker shorts are the latest fashion trend and it was by far the biggest 2019 summer fashion trend. Biker shorts are simple and edgy at the same time. biker shorts can be worn with a crop top, T-shirt, a shirt dress, name it. Layer your top with a jacket and a fanny pack and you are fashion trend 2019 good to go. Biker shorts look most elegant with those blouses that are too long to be a top and too short to be a dress.

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Wardrobe Must-Haves for Every Womanbaggy jeans

Statement T-shirt

A t-shirt is fine, but a statement t-shirt is a lot for fashion trends. Fashion trends aside, a statement T-shirt is a wardrobe must-have for every woman. This T-shirt will save a lot of days where you do not know want to wear, days where you want to look super casual but not dressed down. With a statement T-shirt, you can slay the day without even trying.

Denim Skirt

A denim skirt is a break from trousers and jeans without letting go of the denim. A denim skirt is a need and wardrobe essential. It is fun and easy to pair just like its counterpart.

Regular and Ripped jeans

Every woman must have jeans in her wardrobe. Jeans go with almost anything and a nice pair will make 80% of your outfits. Having regular blue and black skinny jeans is one wardrobe essential down, the next one to conquer is ripped jeans. If you’re trying to do it up and add a little edge, let it rip. Other denim colours like white, grey and more, however, neither of them do it like black and blue.


Beachwear is a wardrobe must-have for every woman. Beachwear is not only for the beach, it goes for a day by the pool as well. Every woman needs that swimsuit and a light outfit that is outdoor, fun in the sun by the water-friendly. It is not a regular essential, but it is a wardrobe essential.


Mules were once for mums and grandmas, but in 2019, they have become a fashion trend and a wardrobe essential. Mules can be casual and dressy, like sneakers, however, sneakers do not go with every occasion, mules do. You can determine the purpose of your mules with the way you style them and the mule style itself.mules

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Sneakers are a need and I doubt there is a clear reason why. For sporty looks or comfort with style. It is essential for every wardrobe to have sneakers.


Sandals are for the days in the sun and those dresses you want to be casual with. Sandals are one of a kind. They allow you to bare your toes without feeling like you are wearing slippers. It is definitely a wardrobe must-have for every woman.


Not every woman likes wearing heels or can wear them. Truth be told, most women pack a pair of slippers in their bag and let go of the heels after an hour or two. The glam was only for the entrance. As heels may not suit everyone’s style, it is a wardrobe essential, some events just don’t suit any other footwear.


What’s fashion without a cool pair of sunglasses coupled with the way the sun shines in Nigeria.