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Basic Makeup Kit for Beginners on A Budget

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The basic makeup kit for beginners on a budget varies across the board. This is because each beginner picks their makeup essentials according to their need and budget. Though not all the basic makeup items listed below will be in the makeup kit, all items found in the kit are on this list.

For those who are grown and known, you may think you have it all figured out until you find lipsticks you never used and spend money on more eyeliners you will not use. figure out the basic makeup items you need. For high school makeup, you can learn a thing or two here but don’t wear it in school.

  1. Black eyelinerblack eyeliner

Black eyeliner is the first makeup essential every makeup enthusiast learns to use. It is dark and defining. High school makeup began and ended with eyeliner and lip gloss back in the day, today it still does. The only difference is that the younger generation has gotten a hold of contour and highlighting.

For any makeup user, black eyeliner is a basic makeup item in a basic makeup kit for beginners on a budget. The black eyeliner is used in almost every makeup look you can think of and it is such an item which makes what you’re going for incomplete without it.

  1. Waterproof mascarawaterproof mascara

Regular mascara is great but waterproof mascara is even better. Why waterproof mascara is on this makeup essentials list instead of regular mascara is the same reason you’d want to kill two birds with one stone. Though it is not the easiest to wash up, coconut oil or makeup remover will do the trick.

Waterproof mascara will not only deliver the desired effect to your eyelashes, but it will also protect it from water-based damage. Nobody wants their mascara running.

  1. Brown powder / Compact powdercompact powder

Before liquid foundation, a brown powder was the basic makeup item you needed to have a full makeup routine, how times have changed. Today, a brown powder is essential to set your face and keep your foundation in place.

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Sometimes, if you are going for a subtle, no makeup look, you can totally skip foundation and use just your powder with your lip balm and eyeliner. It remains a constant makeup item on your makeup essentials list.

  1. Foundationfoundation

Foundation is just what the name implies, it is the foundation, the bedrock you set before building a masterpiece over it. Foundation is a makeup essential that comes in different forms. It could be compact, liquid, crème to powder, stick, matte, dewy etc, they all serve the purpose.

Based on your needs, your foundation can provide medium to full coverage and some are also buildable. It creates an even base for your makeup and it makes you look flawless.

  1. Lip-glosslip gloss

Every girl remembers her first lip gloss in elementary school, the one basic makeup item you hid from your mum and in your bag on the way to school. Lip gloss can substitute lip balm if you do not have one in hand, it protects your lips but most of them do not provide the same moisture and treatment as lip balm, it comes close. Lip gloss is a basic makeup item that can take even your no makeup look to a whole new level of pretty.

  1. Lipsticklipstick

Lipstick is a makeup essential. You may not use it every day or it might be your signature look or colour. Lipstick adds a bit of colour to your lips and there are different types and colours. The unconventional lipstick colours like blue or black are great, however, they aren’t colours you can wear every day.

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A pink, red or brown shade, work best if you want a basic makeup item that can work best in a basic makeup kit for beginners on a budget.

  1. Neutral eyeshadoweyeshadow

Eyeshadow is one of the first makeup essentials you encounter, however, the application of eyeshadow is what evolves over time. The pop of colour is great, but the neutrals crown the list.

A neutral eyeshadow palette which features the brown shades, gold and bronze shades is the safest route when building a basic makeup kit for beginners on a budget. With the brown and gold shades, you can never overdo it or under do it. Some gold shades even serve has highlighters.

  1. Makeup brushesmakeup brushes

You cannot possibly apply your makeup the best way with your fingers, right? You need makeup brushes. You can buy the whole makeup brush set which also contains some brushes you will never use, or you can buy brushes for the makeup items you have in your basic makeup kit for beginners and trust me, it is on a budget.

For beginner satisfaction, you will need a foundation brush, powder brush, blush brush, angle brush, eyeshadow brush and a concealer brush. These six brushes can serve your beginner or high school makeup needs. Do not bother with a fan brush for your highlighter, chances are, it will be useless, your blush brush can do the trick.

  1. Makeup primer

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Makeup primer is a makeup item that is used to prep your face before applying makeup. This creates a smooth and durable canvas for your makeup. It also prevents your makeup from shifting during the course of the day.

The best makeup primer for your skin may be hard to find and a good number of people skip that process. You can use powder instead, it works, but not as good as a primer.

  1. Concealer

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Concealer is the next makeup essential you become obsessed with after foundation. Concealer does what the name implies, it conceals. Concealers are mainly used to conceal the eyebrows after they have been filled in. From concealing your eyebrows, you move to concealing dark spots and highlighting you face. A good concealer never hurt anybody.

  1. Brow pencil

    brow pencil
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Eyebrow makeup started out as a single line drawn on the eyebrow back in the day and is now so realistic, there is something called microblading. Going back to the basics for a basic makeup kit for beginners on a budget, a brown brow pencil will do just fine.

With this, you have all control and can learn the perfect way to do your brows before moving to other brow makeup options.

  1. Highlighter

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Highlighter is a relatively new makeup item that has settled nicely among its counterparts. For an item so new, it is shocking that it can be considered a makeup essential. Highlighters give your nose, cheek bones, chine and the temple of your forehead the right amount of glow it needs.

Once the light hits those parts of your face you will not regret highlighter being in your beginner’s makeup kit. Remember, a little goes a long way.

  1. Blush/bronzer duoblush

Your face is not complete without a little redness/bronze cast on your face. This will give the appearance of blood flowing through your cheeks. It also tones your makeup to look more natural. For those who do not like blush, you can skip it and opt for a bronzer. It doesn’t change the fact that you need them as they are makeup essentials.

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