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Laundry Hacks for White and Cleaning Tips

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Laundry hacks and cleaning tips are the hidden treasures every Nigerian child wish they had. Hours of chores could’ve been avoided if only they knew the shortcuts that produced better results. Hacks are economical because they are affordable, they also save time. Here are some laundry hacks for white clothing and cleaning tips.

It is not news that baking soda is a hack on its own. Baking soda is actively used in DIY recipes from skin care to laundry care. It is no wonder that is it a part of the many laundry hacks, this time, it hacks the white clothing code. Baking soda gives your skin the brightening effect and it does the same to your white clothing. To get the brightest white, mix about a bucket to a few litres of water with a little cup of baking soda. Place your whites in the mixture and leave it to soak for a while. Once your wash is done, it would be good as new.Laundry Hacks

  • Aloe Vera

You no longer have to worry about condemning your favourite white clothes because of stains with this laundry hack. Aloe Vera is the go-to remedy for fading dark spots, sunburns and moisturising dry skin. Who knew it could be the remedy for tough stains and oil stains sunk deep into the white fabric. Pre-treat your white fabric with aloe-vera as rubbing the gel on stains would dissolve the toughest of them all after a wash.

  • Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is another brightening agent in our laundry hacks. With so many tips surrounding the use of lemon juice to launder your white clothing, this is the best of them all. The citric acid in lemon helps to brighten your white clothes, giving them that iridescent white colour. Not a new ingredient in the DIY spectrum, but new to your laundry hacks is lemon juice. Boil your whites with lemons or lemon juice until the liquid bottles. Take it down and leave it to soak for an hour and complete your wash.

  • White Veniger

It is funny how most of our cooking and skin care needs tend to be hacks in other household needs like laundry. Vinegar is used in many hacks, skin care hacks, cooking hacks and even hair care hacks. Here is the time to use it in your laundry hacks. The type of vinegar to look out for is white vinegar as it does the magic. White vinegar in your laundry during a wash will brighten your white clothing, soften your fabric and restore comfort to them.laundry hacks

  • Sun dry

The dryer makes drying your clothes easier and sometimes, faster. However, let go of the super high heat and get with laundry hacks. Sun-drying your clothes may look prehistoric but it is the best way to go for your white clothing. Drying your clothes out in the sun will make them whiter than before without you having the fear of chemicals.

  • Dish soap

I believe colour transfer is the worst thing that can happen to your white clothes in the laundry. The best thing to do with colour transfer is to bring out your dish soap. Laundry hacks like this will save you from many stains on your white clothing, including ink. Mix some dish soap with water and glycerin for your wash. This will remove any ink stain other laundry hacks couldn’t.

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Cleaning Tipscleaning tips

  • Blend your washing soap

Your blender comes in handy so many times and it saves the day in every way. However, however, it won’t be such a saviour when it’s time to clean it. At this time you would wish you had cleaning tips, good news, you do have cleaning tips. To get an easy and squeaky clean wash on your blender, add some dish soap and water into it then blend. The force of the blades and a good spin will ensure that every corner of the blender is touched. Rinse thoroughly with water and voila.

  • Freshen your garbage with lemon

Sometimes, the garbage tends to give off an offensive smell that just ruins the atmosphere. It is normal for garbage to smell but it can be embarrassing to have your kitchen trash or home trash stinking up the place. You can always look at cleaning tips. When you empty the trash, place lemon juice on the sides of the garbage can or drop a few slices of lemon in the trash bag. This will mask the smell of the garbage and keep it smelling fresh, you’re tips

  • Powder for your mirror

Dirty mirrors can be a cleaning nightmare and no matter how hard you try with water and soap, it dries with visible streaks. Also, cleaning on the floor becomes a second hassle. If you want a flawless mirror in 5 minutes, get your powder out. One of the most spectacular cleaning tips, powder effectively removes the dirt smudged on the mirror. It also leaves your mirror with a shine that looks good as new.

  • Clean your window with a vacuum cleaner

Clean windows and window corners are paramount. A few tips for cleaning your window won’t hurt, so here it goes. If you have one, use a vacuum cleaner to get the dust and dirt in the inner corners of your window. Vacuum cleaners come with different detachable heads for functionality, a small one will do the magic.

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