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Popular Nigerian Food Combination

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Food Combos

Food combination in Nigeria is something that stems from either extreme hunger, being broke or too many ingredients and creativity. Some food combos are fantastic, introducing the people to some of the best food combinations ever, whereas some combinations are weird food combinations. They simply do not make any send. Here are some popular Nigerian food combos.

Agege Bread and Egg

Agege bread and egg is one of the best food combos known to Nigerian man and gods. It is a food combination you learn to eat from young because agege bread is a staple in every home. This fine bread is hawked on residential streets from as early as 7 am in the morning. With its signature square loaf of different sizes and round loaf, it is the perfect bed for some spicy eggs. Your eggs can be scrambled or an omelette with pepper and onions to your taste.

Beans and Garri

Beans and garri is a food combo that can be eaten in two ways. Garri is a cassava flakes that have been fried, it is then soaked in water and consumed as you please. Some people love to add sugar to their garri for a sweet taste. As on of the oldest food combos in Nigerian cuisine, beans can be eaten with soaked garri or dry garri. With dry garri is it simple, all you need to do is sprinkle some dry garri on your beans for some texture. For soaked garri, you take a spoon of your hot beans porridge and cool it down with a spoon of cold garri.

Beans and Dodo

Beans and dodo is a staple as it is a meal on its own. Dodo is the Yoruba language for fried plantain and this food combination is a one made in heaven. Different people like their plantain fried to different consistencies. Some people like it burnt, some like it golden brown, others like it unripe, overripe and even just right.

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Dodo and Egg

Dodo and egg may seem like a weird food combination, but this combo is to die for. With this combination, you have just the right amount of iron and protein in one mix, coupled with other minerals. For this meal, your plantain is best fried ripe to nearly burnt perfection and your eggs served scrambled. This is because they naturally sweeten and complement each other.

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Rice and Beans

Rice and beans is one of the oldest food combos in the game. This meal has passed down from generation to generation. The rice is notably in a larger proportion to the beans. The brown bean seeds are cooked separately from the read and mixed in towards the end. It is a fine combination usually topped with stew.

Ewa Agoyin and Bread

Ewa Agoyin is one meal you eat when you wish to knock yourself out. The beans is cooked to perfection with extra fried stew poured in the middle like a volcano. This food combination is made for the good old mornings. It is also filling and nutritious.

Bread and Beans

The bread and beans food combo is similar to ewa agoyin and bread because ewa agoyin is another type of beans porridge. The beans in question here is that is beans cooked with palm oil. This food combination feels just like an American sloppy joe sandwich in your mouth. There is a way the beans stain the bread that is just so ravishing.

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Yam and Butter

Yam and butter is one of the most uncommonly common food combos in Nigeria. This is because this meal is not a go-to food combination. It is only eaten when there is nothing better to combine with your yam, just like butter on a cob of corn. It melts right on top of the yam, giving it a buttery taste.

Rice and Efo riro

Rice and efo riro is a food combination for Oliver twists. Efo riro is simply vegetable soup. In it is a mix of green vegetables like spinach, peppers, oils, seasoning, fish and any other ingredient you like. It can pass off as a really wet salad when eaten with rice. Efo riro is usually eaten with white rice and stew. Sometimes, people ditch the stew

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Yam and Palm Oil

Yam and palm oil is one of the oldest food combos in Nigeria. This combination has been eaten as a delicacy for generations and generations. The sweet dish started out with roasted yam and palm oil. It was a popular meal back in the day and is still eaten in villages and small communities. Now, people in the cities who want that feel must settle for boiled yam and palm oil. This is because you don’t just find someone roasting yam nearby.

Weird Food Combinations
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Coconut and Bread

Coconut bread is not uncommon, actually, it is very common. A bakery without coconut bread is not a bakery. However, it becomes one of the weird food combinations when you eat the coconut separate from the bread. It is also a weird but delicious food combination when you place pieces of fresh coconut in bread and eat it like a sandwich.

Garri and Milk

Garri and milk is one of the weird food combinations Nigerians seem to love. The traditional mix is garri, water and sugar, however, some people took it upon themselves to add milk to the mix. It is too common to be seen as crazy, however, it is common enough to be tagged as simply weird.

Noodles and Bread

Noodles go with proteins, salads, sauces and more, just not bread. It has happened before and it is it is still happening. Weird food combinations such as noodles and bread are just like the prodigal son. Noodles go with certain types of bread if cooked so, however, it is a weird food combination to have regular Nigerian instant noodles and bread.

Rice and Yam

One of the weird food combinations you find at corner canteens is rice and yam. It is not understandable how the hard nature of yam is supposed to mash with the soft seeded texture of rice. It is also mentally tasking to try to decipher how the rice is scooped with the yam. I guess you will never know till you try.

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Beans and Yam

The method of eating this weird food combination that is beans and yam is easier to understand. The beans porridge can easily blend with the texture of yam, however, if the tastes blend well is what is unknown. It is a common food combination at roadside canteens and is considered a hustler’s meal.

Rice and Okra

This is too weird a food combination to be explained.

Best Food Combination

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Boli and Groundnut

Arguably the best food combination, Boli and groundnut top this list. Boli is a local dialect for roasted plantain. These plantains, ripe or unripe, are roasted to perfection usually by the roadside. A good business strategy is to sell groundnuts with boli because people always go in search of it anyway. For those who like to be creative, they open up the boli down the middle and insert groundnut as though it were a hot dog. The different textures make this combination even more mind-blowing.

Suya and Garri

There is no day that suya and garri cannot save. It is one of the best food combinations in the country. This food combo does not just give you texture combination heaven, but it combines the sweet, spicy and savoury together. Suya as we love it is spicy roasted chicken or meat that has been marinated for hours. Also, nobody does suya better than the mallam down the street. Garri is soaked to enjoy the sugar. The chewy nature of the meat combined with the garri is breathtaking. The sweetness from the sugar in the garri coupled with the spicy taste of the suya is worldly.

Akara and Pap

Akara and pap is the national Saturday food combination and it can never go wrong. As one of the best food combinations known to man, akara and pap is a national meal. It is eaten as breakfast every Saturday in more homes than one. It is the way the akara which is bean cake blends with the creamy texture of the pap, that makes you want to scream.

Eko and Moin Moin

Eko and moin moin are brothers from different mothers. They are the same size and shape, however, moin moin is orange and eko is white. They also taste completely different, moin moin is spicy bean pudding and eko is solidified pap, it also has a slightly sour taste.