Things to Do Before 30

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Things to do before 30 weigh on the minds of people who have hit their mid-20s. It is at this time that they realise they are half way there. The years before 30 are bliss, but the thirties begin a new chapter of your life. Not to say you can’t do any of these things after turning thirty, a stitch in time just saves nine.

Start investing

One of the things to do before 30 is to start investing. The word investment usually brings a large sum of money to mine, however, you can start small. You can source information from friends, colleagues working in various sectors you wish to invest in, or get on an investment plan. With this, you can make short-term or long-term investments that will help you reach financial stability. When you are investing before 30, be sure to make adequate research. Some investments are bad, some good and others are great. Try to invest in something with potential or an asset that barely depreciates.

Conquer a fear

On your realistic 30 before 30 list or as part of the things you want to do before 30, conquering your fear(s) should be one. Fears only hold us back from achieving our dreams and we are our own biggest fear. You can conquer your fears at any time you want, however, set goals for the ‘30’ milestone, no pressure, just conquer.

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Things to do before you turn 30 includes travelling. A good number of people do not realise that travelling doesn’t always involve going abroad, you can travel to another state. It all depends on your desires and your budget. Visit another continent, explore yours, explore your country. You can do all the travel before 30. Within Nigeria, there are many sites to see, from springs to ranches, castles and cultures. Africa is home to some of the most diverse cultures and landscapes with a history that will have you in awe.Things to Do Before 30

Start a pet project

Why wait, that pet project you’ve been wanting to kick off, do it! You can start something that will not just have an impact on you, it will also have an impact on others. Start a fulfilling project that will serve as one of the things to do before 30. Put it on your realistic 30 before 30 list and get started. For your pet project, you can pick anything from denim collection to environmental care. The journey will be amazing.

Learn a skill

Every day, individuals strive to be better. Therefore, before 30, do things to be better. You must develop yourself as you age with grace. Before 30 you can learn a skill that will benefit you. This skill could be vocational, digital etc. Skills set you out from the crowd and the more skills you have the more value added. You can learn how to sew, craft, graphic design, photography, editing and more.

Give back to your community

it takes a community to raise a child so before 30 and as you grace 30, give back to your community. The act of giving back is fulfilling and you can only grow as you give. things to do before 30

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Get healthy

Numerous people live unhealthy lives and they don’t even know it. The state of being unhealthy does not only refer to physical health but mental, emotional and spiritual health too. Make getting healthy one of the things to do before 30. Express your truths, see a therapist, release your demons, get in the gym, eat right and detoxify. You will only be happy with yourself and your life at the end of the tunnel.

Learn a language

Across the world, thousands of languages serve as a mode of communication of people from different tribes. Each language is unique and beautifully expresses the culture of the people. The ability to understand a language makes you feel like a part of the big circle and it allows you to communicate effectively. In life, you will always meet people from different cultures, making an effort to learn their language will bridge the gap of acceptance. Before 30, learn a language and spend your thirties communicating and exploring another culture.

Quit a bad habit

As you grow, it is important to learn new things and unlearn teachings you wish to discard of. Nobody is perfect and all humans are flawed but some bad habits can be shed. Out of the planned things o do before 30, quite a bad habit. Think about the bad habit that hinders you in certain areas of life and make a conscious decision to free yourself from it. Research and take various measures that will help you achieve your goal.Things to Do Before 30

Run a marathon

Annually, different marathons are organised for a worthy cause. Most times they are organised by banks in partnership with the state and it comes with grand prizes. Before 30, run a marathon. It may not be to win but just to cross the finish line and to prove something to yourself. It might be a test of your fitness goal. Marathons are fun and most times for a good cause.

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Go skydiving

A bit outlandish in Nigeria but Nigerians are doing it! Step out of your comfort zone before 30 and do those things you have always wanted to do. When you travel to your favourite holiday destination, go skydiving. Many say it is dangerous and it is but that is the thrill. If skydiving is not available, go scuba diving in the Kenyan coast. You’re still diving before 30, just in different blues.

Learn to cook

Truth be told, a lot of people do not know how to cook. Cooking goes beyond cooking white rice, boiling an egg or making eba. One of the things to do before 30 is to learn how to cook. Learn and develop different recipes and cook your food your way. Cooking is a survival skill that everyone needs. Your ability to cook will make you less dependent on others or at the mercy of others. Cookin is fun and therapeutic, you can also develop a career in cooking and start a business.